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Mum of 4 can live the life she always wanted after £1Million Lotto win

A mum from Middleton has handed in her notice and is planning the trip of a lifetime to Australia to see her daughter – something she never believed would be possible.

Susan Home, who plays The National Lottery online, discovered she was a millionaire early on Sunday morning by a loud bleeping on her phone. Woken by the sound she thought it was just junk mail.

“I went to look and saw it was from The National Lottery – it said I had won two Lucky Dip tickets – I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe it!”

This wasn’t the overjoyed mum’s only mail. “I then had a further email asking me to log on to my account. I just saw zeros and I thought wow I have won £1,000. I ran into my son Lee’s bedroom and asked him to check the email I was just so blurry eyed and he said … mum you are a millionaire – you have won £1Million! There are six zeros!

“It was only 6am but I was literally dancing around the house singing I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire – it is still all sinking in – I still cannot believe it!”

New Life for Susan

Susan, who worked as a warehouse operative in Middleton, is planning to use some of her new found fortune to visit her eldest daughter, Joanna, in Australia ‐ something she always dreamed of doing but never believed would be possible.

Susan said, “Joanna went travelling last November and I’ve not seen her since. I always hoped I would be able to visit her so I’ve literally been working 7 days a week and as much overtime as possible in hope that one day I would be able to save enough money to go.

“Now, thanks to The National Lottery I have – this win really couldn’t have come at a better time. When I broke the news to Joanna she couldn’t believe it. We can’t wait to be reunited.”

Susan, who also has another daughter, Natalie, as well as Lee, said top of the shopping list is a new house for herself and to pay off her current mortgage so her eldest son, Anthony, can have a place of his own.

She said, “I’m so happy that I can afford to help my son to get on the property ladder. It’s every mother’s dream to be able to provide for their children and this win has done just that!

“I will obviously be looking after my other children too but we have still to decide what they would like.”

Susan has no intentions to stop playing the Lotto, adding, “I’ve never considered myself particularly lucky but this proves that anyone can win.”

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