Trips of a lifetime for £1Million winners Terry and Kay

From washing elephants in Thailand to swimming with dolphins in Tenerife, Barnsley couple Terry Kennedy and Kay Yoxall have had some amazing experiences since scooping £1Million on The National Lottery.

Their winning Lotto Lucky Dip ticket – which they almost left in the shop by mistake – has been their ‘passport’ to an ever-expanding list of exotic destinations including New York, Australia, Mexico, Turkey and Japan.

Looking back at their first 12 months as National Lottery millionaires, Terry, 29, said, “This win is something which has absolutely changed our lives forever, including the ability it’s given us to travel the world.

“It is always something you hope will happen to you but it is just a dream – you think it’s something that only happens to other people, not ordinary people like us!”

Terry and Kay, 26, wrote a bucket list in the days following their big win and set about ticking it off. Starting with a holiday in Tenerife and a long weekend in Dublin, they set about visiting destinations they had long dreamed of.

The experiences and places the well-travelled couple have ticked off the list so far include:

  1. 1. Swimming with dolphins
  2. 2. Caribbean cruise
  3. 3. Mexico
  4. 4. New York
  5. 5. Ride in a helicopter
  6. 6. Snorkel with turtles
  7. 7. Pig Island in Thailand
  8. 8. Elephant bathing and feeding in Thailand    
  9. 9. Dubai
  10. 10. Portugal family holiday
  11. 11. France

  1. 12. Hawaii
  2. 13. Las Vegas
  3. 14. Australia
  4. 15. Tokyo
  5. 16. Skydiving
  6. 17. New Zealand
  7. 18. Italy
  8. 19. Budapest
  9. 20. Turkey
  10. 21. Mediterranean Cruise    

Kay said, “We’ve absolutely loved every minute since our win and have been to some incredible places, but the Caribbean cruise has to be our favourite so far. It was just beautiful and exactly how we’d imagined it would be.

“On average, we’ve managed to go somewhere different each month and we have lots more to pack in, so we can’t wait to create some more amazing memories together.”

Another highlight was a helicopter ride in New York. Kay said, “We had some amazing views seeing all of the famous landmarks and attractions from a different angle, and all with open doors so we could dangle our legs out!”

Terry added, “It may be a whole year on since we won but still, every single day, we have to pinch ourselves to remind us that this is real and it really did happen to us!”

2nd December 2022

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