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Meet mum and daughter duo from Radlett – who've just become millionaires

The Pages always joked that, like the famous Trotter brothers, ‘this time next year we’ll be millionaires’ – never believing that their long standing dream would become a reality. But now the mother and daughter syndicate from Radlett can gear up for some serious house-hunting after scooping £1M in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle

The Pages’, Brenda and daughter, Julie, are both looking to buy their dream homes and a slice of security after their Lotto ticket came up trumps. Part-time stock controller Brenda only discovered the lucky duo’s win when she read about the unclaimed prize in the local press.

Julie said, “Mum buys our tickets four weeks in advance, and only checks them when she buys the next four week batch so there’s always a bit of a lag. Mum was flicking through the local paper when she saw a story about an unclaimed Lottery ticket and decided she’d check ours, not for a second thinking that it would be worth £1M!”

Whispered win

When Brenda realised the code matched that on the ticket, she called Julie at work, whispering to her only daughter that they seemed to have become millionaires. Julie said, “I was made redundant a few weeks ago so was on a temp job when mum called. She was whispering about a story in the newspaper and a Lottery ticket, and for a moment I thought she’d gone a bit loopy but when she said ‘and we’ve won one million’ I soon took notice.”

When Julie finished work she headed to her mum’s and called Camelot to make the claim. With the win confirmed, the pair settled down to celebrate with a cup of tea before Julie headed home to tell her fiancée the good news.

“When I got home I told my partner I had good and bad news. The bad was I had a parking ticket, and the good was that he was about to marry into a millionaire family. He looked up and said ‘how did you get a parking ticket?’ before doing a double-take and asking me to repeat the bit about being a millionaire.”

'Lovely jubbly'

With the mum and daughter’s win now safely banked the pair are wasting no time in searching for their dream homes. Brenda has been in privately rented accommodation for a number of years and cannot wait to enjoy living in her very own home.

“Julie and I are so close and being able to share this win is just magical. To know that we will both be able to buy our own homes outright as a result is the absolute icing on the cake.”

While a couple of new homes will be top of Brenda and Julie’s list, there’s also talk of a few extras for Julie’s wedding.

Julie said, “We got engaged last year and have already confirmed lots of the plans for our big day but, while we will still keep it a fairly small affair, it will be so nice to finish our plans without one eye constantly on the bank balance.”

Chuckling at the pairs astounding good fortune, Julie said, “Mum and I always joke, this time next year we’ll be millionaires, looks like this time around we really are.”

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