Life changing

Young Kent couple become Lotto millionaires

Mick Tyler, 35, an air conditioning engineer, and fiancee Sarah Harmer, 33, a legal team assistant, screamed the house down when their £1Million Lotto Millionaire Raffle win was confirmed by Camelot. They then immediately jetted off to Portugal for a week’s holiday.

Mick admitted they kept busy while they were away, bringing their wedding forward and reserving their dream home – all while enjoying the sunshine.

“I proposed to Sarah on Christmas Eve but in order to save up for the wedding, we weren’t going to get married until June 2020. While we were on holiday we decided why wait, so called the venue to bring it forward and now will be Mr. and Mrs. almost a year sooner.

“After that I think we were on a roll, so we called the developers who were building our dream house around the corner from our current home and decided to put a reserve on that too. Then we sat back and enjoyed the Portuguese sun!”

Unforgettable discovery

Mick plays Lotto online every week and one evening while he was having dinner at a local pub with his family he saw that he had an email from The National Lottery. Mike showed it to his dad, who said it was probably just a few quid, so he left it until later that evening.

“When we got home I logged on again and saw an email announcing I’d won £1Million. I showed Sarah who immediately got the numbers up on the TV and cross-referenced to the winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle code. One day I’ll hear Sarah say ‘I do’ but hearing her say ‘Oh my God Mick, you’ve won a million’ are words that will be hard to top!”

Time to celebrate

The pair set the alarm clocks to be ready and primed by the phone at 8am when the Camelot phone lines opened.

“Our call went in at 8.00am on the dot. When the win was confirmed we both screamed, before calling all the family and telling them to come over to celebrate. There was a lot of shouting and laughter, not your average Monday morning, I don’t know what the neighbours thought was going on! They were probably grateful for the peace when we disappeared on holiday the following day!”

Flipping brilliant

Mick and Sarah are now looking forward to planning their wedding and a honeymoon in the States with the happy couple planning to fly First Class. Mike said they’re also enjoying picking out all the fixtures and fittings for their new home.

“This is all so utterly mad and yet so flipping brilliant! For months, every evening we have been walking our dog Ralph past this development of beautiful homes joking that if we won the lottery we’d move there. And now we have, and now we will! Yesterday we were picking the flooring and kitchen cupboards for a lavish five-bedroom detached dream home, two weeks ago we were choosing new wallpaper for our three bed-semi!

“Aside from our new home, and the best wedding ever, we don’t have any solid plans. We will both carry on working and in the future might consider setting up our own business or investing in property but for now, we will focus on our new home and that big day in September next year; and maybe spend just a little more time improving my golf handicap!”

12th October 2018

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