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EuroMillions reveals the ‘Nicer Problems To Have’

How long does it take to get used to being a multi-millionaire? What are the challenges faced by the newly minted? We asked some of our big winners what are the ‘nicer problems to have' after banking a jackpot.

New research from EuroMillions revealed it takes a lottery winner more than six months to set themselves up as a multi-millionaire and adapt to the new luxury lifestyle. And some of the most common new challenges and ‘nicer problems’ they face include struggling to fit the shopping in the back of a sports car, how to gift wrap a car and handling ‘Pretty Woman’ moments.

Long doors

Winners taking part in the ‘Nicer Problems To Have’ research admitted becoming a millionaire has its funny moments - one winner said he struggled to get his local taxi firm to take him down his long drive as they thought it was a heist; while another confessed he found it hard to get used to being called ‘Sir’. And it seems one of the most frequent challenges faced by Britain’s newest millionaires is parking a two door sports car - winners soon learn that the long doors and normal parking bays don’t mix if you want to get in and out of your car.

With three quarters of winners moving to their dream homes within 6 months of winning, the research found it’s furnishing the new mansion and taking care of the grounds that were named as the two most common dilemmas. Winners confessed to sitting directly on their plush thick pile carpet or in deck chairs for months as they wait for over-sized furniture to be made and delivered. Whilst others admitted to being amazed by the number of sit down mowers, shredders and tractors needed to manage acres of land.

Andy Carter, The National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Adviser believes that the study has pinpointed a new social phenomenon of ‘Nicer Problems to Have’ experienced by Britain’s 4,250 plus lottery millionaires, “We find it takes six to nine months for winners to adapt to their new life. There are both emotional and practical adjustments to be made before they truly relax into the millionaire lifestyle and there is no set rule book to follow. However the challenges they face are definitely nicer problems to have. Let’s face it, discovering how to book a private jet or waiting for 6 months for a supercar is something we would all like to experience!”

To highlight the common lottery winner plight of fitting shopping into luxury modes of transport, EuroMillions winners Sharon & Nigel Mather, who banked £12.4 million in 2010, were put to the test. They had to contend with shopping in a luxury helicopter at The Trafford Centre in Manchester. The couple rose to the challenge and enjoyed their shopping spree but failed miserably when it came to storing their luxury goods on board. After struggling for quarter of an hour the couple had to concede and call for back-up in the shape of a limo to take their new purchases home.

Sharon Mather said of the experience, “Who knew that a helicopter had such a small boot! Nige wouldn’t even be able to fit his golf clubs and trolley in that. It is actually quite a tight squeeze in a helicopter and we couldn’t get all our shopping on board. It was rather amusing and we had to get our driver to take the remaining shopping bags back home for us. Think we’ll stick to the Bentley in future.”

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