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The National Lottery has now made 4,000 millionaires. That is a lot of big winners. If they all fancied holidaying in the Maldives together you would need to line up ten jumbo jets on the runway to get them there. But when they’re not on holiday where do our millionaires live? How many of them could be just down the road from you?


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£50K+ Winners

Table showing the number of Millionaires and £50,000+ Winners per region
Region Millionaires £50,000+ Winners
Scotland 380 2,949
Northern Ireland 88 667
North East 219 2,115
North West 461 4,369
Yorkshire 386 3,557
Wales 205 1,670
Midlands 537 5,307
East 373 3,303
London 616 5,272
South East 481 4,137
South West 249 2,577

Source: Camelot 2015. Remember that as long as you buy your ticket in the UK you may live anywhere in the world.

Over the last 22 years we’ve created over 4,600 millionaires and funded more than 510,000 National Lottery projects - discover more life-changing stories.

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