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Top 10 most popular millionaire motors

Picture this. You’ve just won the jackpot. After falling off your seat, triple checking the numbers and making a calming cuppa, what’s the first thing you’d add to your wish list?

Well, if you’re anything like a third of National Lottery millionaires, it’s probably a new car. On average our millionaires buy around four cars for themselves and family, with one in 10 buying 11 or more, and one winner admitting to splashing out on a fleet of 20!

Yes, it seems there’s nothing quite like sitting behind the wheel of a dream motor to make a new winner start to feel like a millionaire.

More than a quarter of our winners report that their car is still the favourite thing they’ve ever bought, even years and multiple holidays down the line. So, with money no object, what is a millionaire’s motor of choice? We asked our winners to find out…

Out in pole position is one make in particular. According to our survey, an impressive 16% of millionaires chose a model in the Land Rover/Range Rover range. Whether it’s for slick city cruising, or rugged off-roading, this brand is a clear first for winners.

In the pursuing pack is a selection of sleeker brands, from Audi and Jaguar, to Mercedes-Benz and BMW, along with some more ‘everyday’ brands like Ford and Vauxhall. Surprisingly, super car brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini failed to make the grade and Rolls Royce only gets 1% of the vote.

    Check out the full top 10 below:

  • 1. Land Rover/Range Rover
  • 2. Audi
  • 3. Jaguar
  • 4. Mercedes-Benz
  • 5. Ford
  • 6. BMW
  • 7. Peugeot
  • 8. Porsche
  • 9. Toyota
  • 10. Vauxhall

A car a day

Ex-lorry driver Tom Naylor who won £15.5M in 2001, bought a car for every day of the week. After trading in his 20 year-old Ford Granada, he spent more than £750,000 on his dream grid of motors.

His personal forecourt includes a Rolls-Royce, three Jags, a Hummer and a Land Rover. Oh, and not forgetting the Peugeot, Tom and his wife Rita bought for the weekly shopping run.

“After years of sitting in my cab in traffic jams, it is now pure enjoyment to be behind a wheel,” says the automobile admirer.

“I can sit back and relax in these beautiful leather seats with amazing engineering at my fingertips. Some days I couldn’t wait to get out of my cab; now you sometimes have to prise me out of these cars!”

“Car salesmen love me, especially when I pay cash!”

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