Holly and Ben plan perfect wedding a year after £1Million win

A year after Cambridge couple Holly Saul and Ben Lowther won £1Million on The National Lottery, their lives have taken some exciting twists and turns.

Ben, 39, proposed to Holly, 30, during a romantic break in Paris and they’re looking forward to planning the perfect wedding. And the couple have bought a ‘forever home’ for themselves and their 2 children.

Holly said, “Not a day has gone by that we haven’t counted our blessings. The day we learned we’d won we just stared at each other giggling and still, a year later, we do the same. I occasionally watch the film Ben took of me claiming the win and it feels as amazing now as it did then. We’re just so lucky, and now, standing in our new home, I still have to pinch myself!”

Holly discovered their win in October 2021 when she checked her National Lottery EuroMillions ticket after a disappointing day shopping for furniture. She said, “I’d only played EuroMillions after my father-in-law posted on the family Whatsapp group, ‘big draw tonight, don’t forget your tickets’. I bought a couple of tickets online on the National Lottery website. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I did!

“I can still remember that moment I called the National Lottery line and had the win confirmed. I don’t ever want to take our change in fortunes for granted. I want to always remember our life is like this because luck smiled down on us.”

On the subject of their new home, Holly said her priority was to have enough space for an office for Ben and room to host a family Christmas gathering.

She said, “My aunt, who sadly passed away far too young, was the only person who had enough space to host a big Christmas gathering for the whole family with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents all celebrating together. I like to think I can now rekindle her traditional gathering at future Christmases. She will be smiling down on us - I just hope I make her proud with the catering!”

Looking forward to their wedding, Ben said, “Holly and I have been together for 9 years and always planned to marry one day. Now we’ve started to plan the perfect wedding and our family can all gather for another celebration.”

18th November 2022

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