Scottish gran scratches off a new BMW car and cash

A grandmother from the Scottish Highlands is set to take the high roads and the low roads in style after winning £30,000 and a brand new BMW X2 car on a National Lottery Scratchcard.

Hannah Dewar – known to family and friends as ‘Val’ – is still pinching herself after scooping the amazing prize on a Cars & Cash National Lottery Scratchcard just before Christmas 2021.

She said, “I had been at the dentist that day and decided to buy myself a couple of Scratchcards afterwards. Being a few days before Christmas the shop was very busy so I decided to wait until I got home to scratch them. I live in a farmhouse with a big open fire and normally, if I haven’t won anything, I just throw the Scratchcards into the fire.

“Strangely, that day the fire wasn’t lit and boy am I glad about that! I had scratched one side and was about to scrunch it up before I realised I had missed the second side. I was just sitting there in astonishment – I had won £30,000 and a car!”

By then it was almost 9pm – a bit too late to call anyone to share the good news. Val spent a rather sleepless night before calling The National Lottery and her daughter in the morning.

Val spent a lovely quiet Christmas with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, enjoying a dinner ordered in from a local caterer. She is still undecided what to do with her windfall, adding, “I want to treat myself, although I have no idea what that treat is at the moment.”

Tess, her 10-year-old collie, will certainly be enjoying a few treats. Val said, “Tess is my best friend and goes everywhere with me. I have a campervan and before the pandemic we would travel all over the Highlands. I really hope we can do this again soon, although Tess will be sitting in the lap of luxury thanks to the new BMW that we will be travelling in.”

4th January 2022

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