Salad shopping trip turns into £250,000 win for couple

Lea didn’t believe what was in front of her, so she took a moment to stare out of the window. When she looked back at her £250,000 Multiplier Scratchcard the top prize was still there, so she handed it to her husband Lee to check.

Lee thought it was some kind of practical joke at first. He said, “When Lea handed me the scratchcard to look at I was convinced it was one of those joke ones and she was playing a prank on me. But when I saw the look on her face, I knew it must be real.”

Lea had popped out to pick up some salad for the family’s dinner when she decided to invest the winnings from a previous win on a £250,000 Multiplier Scratchcard. And multiply it did.

Lee has always wanted to run his own business, so he’s handed in his notice at work and plans to strike out on his own. But first he’s spending a bit of time with Lea and their six kids during the summer holidays. The pair are planning a visit to Legoland and the Isle of Wight to celebrate.

Lea also has plans for the win. She said, “With six children there’s always somewhere else for spare pennies to be spent, but now we can do all those things I’ve been wanting to do for ages. First off the list, a new tumble drier as ours packed up last week, then a bit of decorating, some new storage and maybe a spanking new sofa.”

6th August 2019

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