Life changing

Gloucestershire carpenter hangs up his tool belt after winning £100,000

A couple from Gloucestershire have cruised into their golden years early thanks to winning a life-changing £100,000 on a National Lottery Scratchcard.

Donald Miles, 68, a carpenter from South Cerney dreamt of spending retirement side-by-side with his wife Margaret, 62, but she still had four more years before she could call it quits from her part-time cleaning job.

However, after Donald revealed the top prize on the £100,000 Red Scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore, the pair can happily hand in their notices and start making the most of their golden years together.

Carefree retirees

What’s more, thanks to the win, the couple, who have been married for 43 years, can now kick off their new lifestyle as full-time carefree retirees and are already planning a holiday together.

Donald said, “I didn’t see any point in retiring if Margaret was still working but now we can finish work together and start planning how we’ll spend our time. We’ve always loved going on holiday together, seeing different parts of Britain, especially Cornwall, but over the last few years, we’ve had to save for our retirement. Now, we just don’t have to worry and can really enjoy our retirement.”

Cup of tea to digest the news

The couple bought the winning £1 Scratchcard from their local village shop but didn’t actually check whether they’d won for over a week. When Donald eventually remembered the Scratchcard and discovered that they’d scooped the top prize, he told his wife to sit for a moment while he made her a cup of tea before breaking the life-changing news.

Donald said, “As soon as the initial shock had worn off, we called Camelot. We’ve lived in this village for 50 years and to get our winning scratchcard from our local shop is just the icing on the cake and we’re really pleased to be able to celebrate our win with them.”

17th January 2018

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