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Lucky cabbie thanks shop assistant for £1Million win

A taxi driver and grandfather of 10 from Wrexham is celebrating after scooping a top prize on the £1 Million Monopoly Scratchcard. He only won because the shop assistant chose the winning card for him.

Alan Phillips, 58, was going about his normal Sunday chores when he decided to cash in a winning scratchcard he had in his wallet. Thanks to the choice of the shop assistant at his local store he managed to turn £10 into a whopping £1Million.

“I was out buying the Sunday papers when I decided to cash in a scratchcard that I had won £10 on. When the lady behind the till asked what I wanted to do with the money, I decided to buy two more scratchcards as I was feeling particularly lucky. I couldn’t make my mind up on which one to pick so I asked her to pick two £5 scratchcards for me.”

Alan returned to his taxi where to his amazement, he discovered he had become a millionaire. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as it was still very early in the morning so went back into the store to ask the cashier to check for me. I’ll never forget her face when she said ‘you’re now a millionaire.’”

Generous with his winnings

Alan has pledged to spend some of his winnings to help the lucky cashier. “It’s down to her that I won so it is only right that I treat her as well.

“Never in a month of Sundays did I ever think it would happen to me. It’s something you always dream of but it just goes to show that anyone can win! ”

Despite being a million pounds richer, the generous cabbie, who works for Wrexham Prestige Taxis, still turned up for work the following morning.

“I love my job and I have people that rely on me so I couldn’t let them down. I have no intention of handing in my notice just yet so I might get a reputation as the only millionaire taxi driver in the country!”

Completely overwhelmed

The first person Alan shared the news with was his wife, Caroline, 58, who was sceptical at first.

She said, “It wouldn’t be the first time that Alan has joked about winning so I thought he would be pulling my leg again. Only when he actually showed me the scratchcard did I start to believe him.

“I’m just overwhelmed – it’s not just Alan and I that will benefit from this win but our kids and grandkids as well. It will go a long way to changing the lives of our entire family.”

Extra special gift

Alan and Caroline celebrated the win with a meal with his six children and 10 grandchildren at their local restaurant.

Top on Alan’s shopping list is a caravan for Caroline in North Wales and buying a house for his children.

“The wife and I celebrated our 40th anniversary earlier this year so I want to buy her something extra special. The caravan is something she has always asked for but never been able to afford. Now I can treat her, just like she deserves.

“I will look after my children as well. It is fantastic that I’m able to help them get a foot on the property ladder – something every father dreams of.”

The newfound fortune will also allow Caroline, who works as a cleaner, to retire early and spend more time with her grandchildren.

She said, “I’m currently working my notice period, something I didn’t think would be possible for a few more years. The win will allow me to cherish memories with my grandkids and watch them grow up.”

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