Scratchcard winner Grace Walker and husband William

Removal Man’s Family Handles Scratchcard Win With Care

Grace Walker from Hamilton said she fell off her seat when she realised she had won the life-changing sum on the £100 Million Cash Spectacular Scratchcard.

She said, "My husband William was at work so I had no one to check if it was real or not. It wasn’t until my daughter said, Mum, you’ve won £1 million that it sank in. I didn’t finish my coffee. I just sat there shaking until my husband came home."

“I buy a Scratchcard from my local shop every Saturday because I enjoy the thrill of knowing that it could be me. But I still can’t believe it.”

Grace’s husband William Walker has worked for the same removals firm since he was 17 years old. The modest couple said that they will share their win with their three grown up children, with a nice family holiday on the cards.

When asked what the mother of three would be buying for herself she replied, “I haven’t made up my mind yet – but one thing is for sure I won’t be moving house. I’ve lived here for 30 years and I love it.”

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