Retired lollipop lady wins £300,000 Scratchcard prize

What’s up, Doc? In Caroline Walsh’s case the diagnosis is pure excitement after the 58-year-old from Pontypool scratched off a £300,000 prize on a National Lottery Scratchcard she bought on the way to a doctor’s appointment.

Caroline, 58, who plays National Lottery games in a family syndicate made up of herself and her 2 sons, couldn’t believe her eyes when she revealed the winning numbers in the surgery’s waiting room.

She said, "Thank goodness the doctor didn’t take my blood pressure in the appointment, it would have been through the roof! I wouldn’t have been able to tell her what was causing it either because I wanted my sons to be the first to know."

Caroline spoke to her sons as soon as she got out of the surgery and had a hard time convincing them they’d be sharing the big prize. She said, “We’re all in shock. They are both grown up and have children of their own, so the money will make such a difference to all of us.”

Caroline’s eldest son Chris, 40, lives in the North of England where he is a ward manager at a local hospital. He is looking forward to taking himself and his 2 young children on a holiday.

He said, “I couldn’t believe it when my mum called, I was absolutely ecstatic. £100,000 is an amazing amount of money and I can’t wait to put it towards a family holiday and plenty of treats for my partner and our children.”

Caroline, who worked as a school lollipop lady for 21 years before taking early retirement, is already planning a trip to the garden centre. She said, “The first thing I’m going to do is transform my garden. I want to make it into a space that’s easy to manage and somewhere I can enjoy.”

14th April 2022

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