Double bubbles as two players win Set For Life prizes

It was a case of ‘double bubbles’ in Scotland as 2 players from Lanarkshire each won prizes of £10,000 a month for a year on The National Lottery Set For Life game.

Neither Malcolm Garden, 54, or Robert ‘Rabbie’ Brownlie, 43, could believe their luck after their Set For Life Lucky Dip tickets each matched the 5 main numbers in 2 separate draws.

Malcolm, a golf enthusiast from Lanark, was shocked when he woke up to an email notifying him of not 1, not 2 but 3 wins – with the third meaning he would receive £10,000 into his bank account every month for the next year.

He said, “When I opened the National Lottery app I saw 3 messages, 1 with a £20 win, another was £25, which was good news, but I couldn’t find the third one. It was then I realised I had won the £10,000 a month for a year prize with my Lucky Dip.”

When the news sunk in Malcolm phoned a close childhood friend who didn’t believe his story at first. Eventually, the friends organised a celebratory dinner, dining on lobster and champagne at a local Italian restaurant.

Meanwhile, Robert, husband of Kelly and father of Tye, Max, Noa and Ami, bought his lucky ticket while attending a wedding in England. It wasn’t until he returned to Scotland and checked his ticket at a local shop he realised he’d won an incredible prize.

Robert said, “While I was at the shop buying a bottle of wine for my Kelly, I decided to get some of my tickets checked and one said I needed to call up to check the prize. After I found out I had won and, importantly, what I’d won, I rushed home to tell my wife and kids.

“From this point my winning ticket didn’t leave my side. It was always in my wallet and even came on a trip to Tenerife and back until it was officially validated. There was no way I was going to let myself misplace it.”

Malcolm, who lived in California for 25 years, is hoping to arrange a golf trip to Portugal with some close friends. He said, “Only thing is I need my golf clubs from America first – they didn’t make it back with me when I moved back to Scotland!”

Robert is also hoping to jet off to the sun with a relaxing trip to Mexico in the planning. He said, “We need to get some new things for the house as well, mainly thanks to our husky who’s just over two-years-old. She’s still enjoying causing mischief and has chewed away at our sofa and table – so they will be replaced!”

13th October 2022

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