Chef is cooking up property plans after Set For Life win

Matteo Raggio, a 25-year-old sous chef who lives in Guildford, is celebrating after winning £10,000 a month for a year on Set For Life.

His first treat is going to be for his parents, who live in Italy. Explaining how he shared his good news he said, “I called my parents in Italy and told them to visit the travel agent, choose a trip and that I would pay for it. My mum jokingly said, ‘Matteo, don’t tell me you have won Grandma Elizabeth’s lottery’ – this is her joke name for the lottery! – and when I said yes, she had to hand the phone to my dad, she was just so shocked!”

Matteo’s adventure began just an hour before the Set for Life draw closed on Thursday 12th December. Relaxing after a hard day at work, he decided to play Set for Life. Later that night, checking his messages before going to sleep, Matteo saw he had one from The National Lottery congratulating him on his win.

He said, “I was idly checking through my emails when I saw one from The National Lottery congratulating me on a win. I was excited, thinking I’d won a fiver, so when I saw the £10,000 message I had to keep refreshing the page to check that it was true and not a cruel trick!”

Matteo struggled to sleep, but went back to work the next morning as usual. As soon as he finished for the day, he called The National Lottery and said, “please tell me what I think has happened really has!”

With everything confirmed Matteo is back at work as normal. He said, “I wouldn’t let the team down this close to Christmas so it’ll be business as usual, with long hours in the restaurant kitchen with everyone else.”

As well as treating his parents to a holiday, Matteo has plans to invest the majority of his win in a house. He said, “I couldn’t have dreamt of buying my own home but now, if I’m sensible, I will be able to start looking for something in the coming months.”

19th December 2019

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