Meet Mo, the Londoner celebrating her win with a virtual hug

Mo has won £10,000 per month for a year but the hardworking Londoner has had to settle for a virtual hug, for now at least.

Centre manager at a London art centre for 37 years, Mo Reideman, 54, discovered she had matched five numbers with her Lucky Dip ticket for the Set For Life draw on Thursday 19th March.

Because she played online, Mo found out about her win when an email from The National Lottery appeared in her inbox. Mo said, “I’d received an email on Friday 20th telling me to check my account. But when I logged on, at first I couldn’t see anything special in messages and wondered why I was emailed about an older win. Then I checked again and saw the line under telling me I’d won.”

Mo rang her brother first to share her good news, telling him to sit down before she revealed how much she’d won. The second person she told was her work colleague. Mo said, “When I went back into the building I told my colleague, who I trust, that I wanted her to check something in case I had read it incorrectly. I left my phone on the table, she looked at it and confirmed I had read it right. Mindful of the importance of the 2 metre safe distancing – and the need to not alert the rest of the office – she gave a silent cheer and gave me a ‘virtual’ hug!”

And that virtual hug has become a theme, with all of Mo’s celebrations happening at a distance. Mo said, “My partner, Paul, is in the Merchant Navy and I won’t see him until late April at the earliest. When I texted him to tell him the news he didn’t respond, in the end I had to call the ship’s phone to tell him to check his messages.

“The win will be used to pay off the mortgage over the next 12 months and to refurbish the bathroom. A new bathroom may not sound very exciting but I see it as my ‘silly money’ spend. It needs doing and now every time I’m standing in the shower or soaking in the bath I will be able to remember the win.”

Since Set For Life started, 12 players have won £10Thousand per month for 30 years. And that’s not all, there have also been more than 115 players who have each won £10Thousand per month for a year, just like Mo!

In the current situation, National Lottery players are encouraged to play online or by downloading the National Lottery app, and to only buy their tickets in retail as part of their essential shop.

1st April 2020

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