Gayle and Philip Say won Thunderball. Twice!

Gayle Say usually buys three Thunderball tickets for the Tuesday draw, but on Tuesday 22nd October she made a mistake, buying two lines on two different tickets using the same numbers.

The result? The couple won the Thunderball top prize twice – meaning they walked away with two cheques for £500,000 each.

They also matched three numbers and the Thunderball, winning another £20. Their third ticket also had three correct numbers, resulting in another £10 win.

That would have been enough for most people, but Gayle and Philip’s luck didn’t end there. That third ticket also had a five number match – adding another £5000 to their winnings.

In total the couple won £1,005,030 across their three tickets. Philip started to text family members to share their good news but was met with disbelief. At the same time Gayle was dancing around the living room performing a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'.

The couple are going to use some of the money to finish an extension on their house. A new kitchen is high on the list and they’re going to help their four children and seven grandchildren with rent and other expenses.

Philip’s not letting the money change him though and plans to buy a second-hand car with 31,000 miles on the clock. The price? A very reasonable £4,500.

8th November 2019

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