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Best buddies from Tyne & Wear share £15.3M Lotto jackpot

Best friends from Tyne & Wear say they still can’t believe they are multi–millionaires! The lucky pair, who scooped the £15.3M Lotto jackpot on Saturday 18th February, are now drawing up an extensive shopping list that includes a dream First Class trip to Vegas and an all – important frying pan!

Paula Barraclough, 45, and Lorraine Smith, 54 – known to each other as ‘Polly and Lolly’ – say they can now live the life they always dreamed of after their life changing win.

Lucky twist of fate

Lorraine, who works as a cook in a care home, described the moment she went out to buy what turned out to be the winning ticket: “I always stay at my mum’s house on a Friday night. I was full of cold when I woke up on Saturday morning and went out to head to the bus stop at 5.30am for my journey to work. The bus didn’t turn up and I really needed to get warm.

“I discovered I had a £2 coin and some loose change in my pocket so I popped into the local shop and bought a Lucky Dip ticket for Lotto. Never did I believe fate would play a hand – the bus being late would result in my life being changed forever.”

Paula, who works in a coffee shop and lives at home with her parents, described the moment Lorraine called her to tell her they had won the jackpot.

Paula said: “I was in bed on Sunday morning and the phone rang at 7.15am. Lorraine never calls me that early. I picked up the phone and said to her: ‘You better be calling me to tell me we have won the lottery waking me up at this time!’

“And the voice on the other end of the phone replied: ‘We have! We have all six numbers!’ I just fell silent – I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.

What now for the fortunate friends?

Paula and Lorraine, who have been friends for more than 17 years, said the news of their win is still sinking in – and despite both of them banking £7,671,450 each, after matching all six numbers, neither of them has any intention of giving up work.

One of the first things Lorraine intends to buy is a new frying pan. She said: “I literally threw my old frying pan away the day before I became a multi-millionaire so a new frying pan will definitely be one of the first things I will be buying! I certainly won’t be giving up work – I have people who rely on me and who I need to cook for. This is the reason I went straight into work after discovering I had won – there is absolutely no way I would ever let these people down.”

Lorraine, who has a son, Lewis, 23, lost her husband six years ago. Top of her shopping list, after the frying pan, is a new car for Lewis and new windows for her house.

Paula said: “This win is life changing, it means I will finally be able to move into a house of my own, rather than living with my parents and I can start to write my dream shopping list.”

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