National Lottery winners help build bigger yard for ‘Mini Donks’

Miniature donkeys may be small, but they still need their space. And with the herd expanding at National Lottery-funded Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing – a project that uses the cute animals to boost the wellbeing of people at community groups, voluntary organisations, dementia or special needs groups – the need for some extra ‘real-ass-tate’ was pressing.

Luckily, a team of National Lottery winners from across the East of England sprang into action, spending a day building a larger yard for the Mini Donks.

The band of 11 winners – with combined prizes of almost £18Million – stepped in when they heard the organisation desperately needed more yard space at its base in South Norfolk. Working with members of the Mini Donks team, the volunteers created an enviable new yard for the herd of 6 miniature donkeys that features a raised garden bed where carrots – the donkeys’ treat of choice – will be grown.

Leading the winners’ team of volunteers was Norfolk National Lottery millionaire Terry Falgate. He was assisted by winners from across the region including Richard Stebbings, who said, “It is always great to be able to give something back in terms of our time.

"My wife and I, and our fellow winners, support numerous charities throughout the year and we were all delighted to work with Mini Donks on this latest project.”

Sarah McPherson, founder of Mini Donks, said, “We really enjoyed working with the local National Lottery winners and are very touched that they have given up their time in this way.

“Demand for a Mini Donk visit is growing by the day, and so is our herd with the welcome addition of Little Jack Rabbit who was born on 1st August 2021. But no matter how miniature, our donkeys needed a bigger yard. Now thanks to these kind, hard working winners, we have just that!”

Among the winners taking part were Suffolk winners Richard and Cathy Brown (£6.1Million) and Richard and Sue Stebbings (£5.6Million). Essex winners Susan Richards and Barry Maddox (£3Million) also took part, as did Tony and Deb Pearce (£1Million), and Hertfordshire’s Chris and Julie Jeffrey (£1.1Million).

24th August 2021

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