Consumer Protection Strategy

Aiming to ensure that the National Lottery is the safest place to pay to play, through the prevention of excessive and underage play and the promotion of safe play.


Camelot is committed to maximising returns to society in a responsible way. Our main responsibility is the prevention of underage play, prevention of excessive play and safety for all players and non–players.

This strategy is an important element of our overall business strategy. It sets out how we aim to achieve our goals through providing a safe gaming environment, both online and in retail, and how strict responsibility guidelines aid the development of National Lottery games so that they are safe to play. The strategy aims to ensure that we have lots of people playing a little, rather than a few people playing a lot.

This strategy is aligned with the European Lotteries Association (EL) Responsible Gaming Standard and the World Lottery Association (WLA) best practice guidelines and certifications. Camelot has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (Level 4) which recognises our commitment to continuous improvement in Consumer Protection. All our responsible play initiatives have been rigorously audited in line with the EL Responsible Gaming standard.

You can look at the progress we made during 2017/18 in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Our Focus

Underage Play Prevention Deter the sale of National Lottery products to people under the age of 16 and discourage underage play in any form, whether that be in retail or online.

Preventing Excessive Play Promote and support positive, non-problematic play to all players, and prevent the misuse of National Lottery products.

Safety Ensure that consumer safety is at the core of the design, distribution, and marketing of National Lottery products, that all consumers are able to make informed choices about play and that support services are signposted.

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Our Commitments


Camelot supports independent research, studies and conferences that contribute to the wider understanding of problem gambling. Research is fundamental to improving our understanding of and approach to problem gambling. Camelot makes an annual contribution to GambleAware, an independent charity that funds research, education and treatment services to help minimise gambling-related harm in Great Britain.

Staff training

All Camelot employees are trained to understand our commitments to Consumer Protection and support them in their daily operations, with extra training for those in direct contact with consumers. All Contact Centre employees are trained on how to spot signs of excessive play and what to do as a result, as well as receiving monthly Player Protection knowledge tests.

During 2019 our Retail Sales team will receive training on excessive play in retail, and they will in turn train our retailers.

Training is key to ensuring that our games are responsibly designed, marketed and advertised, therefore, relevant teams at Camelot receive annual training on Responsible Game Design and advertising.

There is regular and on–going awareness driven through our internal communications channels.


Camelot provides information and training to National Lottery retailers about their responsibilities towards Consumer Protection issues via regular retailer training, our bi–monthly retailer magazine ‘Jackpot’, and with posters and stickers for their shops. We continue to explore ways in which we can strengthen the prevention of excessive play in retail, and our mystery shopper scheme and a sales refusal register help us gain assurance that our safeguards to prevent underage play are effective. We retain the right to remove the retailer’s terminal and terminate their retail agreement at any time for failure to implement sufficient safeguards.

In 2019 we will be rolling out training to all National Lottery retailers on preventing excessive play in retail. The training will focus on ensuring that retailers have a good understanding of excessive play and the harm it causes, as well as tools to be able to support players if appropriate.

Each year we strive to improve our underage mystery shopper scheme to better target our testing, and improve support for retailers.


Camelot’s digital platforms offer protection to players from excessive and underage play. A rigorous registration process incorporating age verification checks is key to this protection. Once the player is authorised they are provided with information and tools to help them make informed decisions about their play, manage their experience and avoid excessive play. These tools include things such as account limits, play limits, wallet load limits, session time reminders, online self-exclusion and short-term breaks. A full list of tools can be found on The National Lottery website.

We aim to encourage more players to use our online control tools, which are positioned prominently on our website to make them more accessible. During the period when players are still new to playing online we will include further messaging about Responsible Play to maximise effectiveness.

Using a behavioural analytics model created, and continuously updated, by Camelot’s data scientists, we aim to spot patterns of behaviour that suggest a player is exhibiting signs of problem play or is at risk of problem play. We serve these players with different communications to encourage a positive change in behaviour. We continue to review and update the interventions to ensure they are being as effective as possible in reducing excessive play and encouraging safe play.

Our digital platforms undergo an annual independent review by GamCare, providing assurance that we are compliant with good practice in consumer protection and helps inform the evolution of our consumer protection strategy.

We are committed to ensuring our site is accessible and usable for all abilities and disabilities. Our website is built in line with accessibility best practice and is accredited by AbilityNet. For more information click here.

Game Research and Design

We have a robust Responsible Game Design Process in place to ensure that we design games in a responsible way, ensuring they do not encourage problem play and are fun to play. The process is overseen by our Responsible Game Design Governance Group, with representatives from across Camelot.

All games are assessed for their level of risk, ensuring that they are not irresponsible in their design and reducing the risk of them leading to problem play. We do this through:

  • Gamgard, an online tool which assesses the risk levels of a game’s structural and situational characteristics.
  • Risk Checklist, which assigns a risk level to the design characteristics of the game, ensuring, for example, that the game isn’t of particular appeal to anyone underage.

If either tool identifies a potential risk to players, we will either revise the game and/or our marketing or, if the risk is too high, we will not launch the game at all. Once launched, games are reviewed against the predictions of the assessment tools to assure their effectiveness and inform changes to the game development process. Every year, Camelot reviews the process through a mid-year and annual internal report, to ensure it is the most effective it can be.

Public Information and Education

Camelot’s aim is that all players and non-players can make informed decisions about National Lottery games. We use a variety of platforms to reach our players and provide them with the right information about responsible gaming. For example:

  • All National Lottery products display the GamCare helpline details, the odds of winning, and age restrictions.
  • Our retailers have been trained to advise and provide the information to players, including Games Rules.
  • Our Players’ Guide, available at retail outlets and The National Lottery website, outlines how to play responsibly.
  • Our Corporate website has tools to help players understand their playing behaviour and its impact on themselves and others.
  • On our website we highlight common Lottery scams so that we uphold the integrity of our brands.

Advertising and Marketing

All of our advertising and marketing continues to be checked by relevant teams at Camelot, including our Legal team, to ensure it complies with the Advertising Standards Authority CAP Code and BCAP Code, both of which apply to us. The Codes promote responsible marketing, in particular the need to protect young people under 18 from being harmed by any irresponsible advertising.

Support and Treatment for Problem Gamblers

We continue to strive to ensure that all consumers requiring treatment are aware of the options available to them by raising awareness through our communications channels, Contact Centre colleagues and on our products. We engage with organisations addressing problem gambling in the UK through GamCare and GambleAware.

Support for Winners

As well as being a time of extreme excitement and happiness, suddenly winning a substantial sum of money can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for many people. We have a dedicated team of Winners Advisors who can provide appropriate sources of legal and financial advice for winners of £50,000 or more. For winners of over £1m, a private banking representative can visit them at home, and we also arrange for a panel of independent legal and financial experts to offer impartial advice. To aid the winner with their life changing transition a life coach is also available.

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