Set For Life prize payout

Prize Payout Percentage

Each time you play a National Lottery game you help National Lottery supported Good Cause projects. The total amount of money delivered to these projects depends on a number of variable factors, including the percentage of ticket sales that is made available to pay out prizes (the prize payout) before proceeds are passed on to Good Causes.

With the agreement of the Gambling Commission, we may decide to change the prize payout for National Lottery games from time to time. This means we can always ensure an appropriate balance between prizes and funding for National Lottery Good Cause projects.

Currently, we expect an average of 50% – 52% of ticket sales for Set For Life to be available to be paid out in prizes (prize payout). The actual prize payout in any draw will vary and may be outside of this range as it is dependent on the number of winners in the draw, especially of the top prize.


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