Players' Guide


Scratchcards: Instant fun in a moment

Lucky penny at the ready? Now just scratch away – what will you reveal?

As prizes can be won in an instant, you could walk away from a store with anything from an extra few quid, to a life changing win.

  • Pick your favourite Scratchcard
  • See how to play on the card
  • Get scratching to see if you've won

More information about how to play and win on Scratchcards is set out in the Game Procedures (and any applicable Game Specific Rules) for each game. These are available to view on the National Lottery website at


Each Scratchcard Game has its own Prize structure. For up-to-date information about any Scratchcard Games, how to play, Prizes still available to be won, dates of game closures, claim periods, other claim requirements and the Rules for Scratchcard Games, Game Specific Rules and Scratchcard Games Procedures, speak to your Retailer, call The National Lottery Line (see the Contact section) or visit

Scratchcard top Prizes

For certain Scratchcard Games, Scratchcards can remain on sale even after the last top Prize has been claimed. More about which Scratchcards this applies to, and how retailers are required to communicate top prize information, is available in the Code of Practice on Top Prize Management, available at

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