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Luxury awaits for Mega Friday winners

A private island in South East Asia is the dream destination for a couple from Lincolnshire and their daughters. The EuroMillions Mega Friday winner are celebrating with the trip to the luxury island and a cool £1 million in the bank.

Rachel and Rob Bingham were one of the winners in the August Mega Friday draw and are now planning to jet off for the trip of a lifetime. Rachel, a medical secretary, reveals how she checked her ticket at a local newsagent. "The very nice lady took my ticket, checked it and said I'd won an amount but they couldn't pay that much out of the till. I gasped and my legs went to jelly. The lady told me to go to the Post Office just up the road and they’d be able to help.

Rachel continued, "There were only three people in the Post Office and one checked my ticket. Then all three checked and then looked at me. The lady said ‘I think you’ve gone and won the top prize.' I started to wobble a bit and they got me a chair and a glass of water."

Rachel and Rob have already splashed out on cars and holidays for family members, but can't wait to spend time with the family relaxing (and hopefully working out what to do with the win) on the holiday of a lifetime; a trip to the private island of Song Saa in South East Asia.

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