Private island awaits for Bolton Mega Friday winner

A Bolton mum got her first experience of the high life when she was helicoptered in to celebrate her EuroMillions win. And her luxury lifestyle is set to continue as she prepares to jet to a private island in Cambodia to think about how to spend her £1M winnings.

Annette Dawson, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday, said, "Life really does begin at 40. What has happened to me and my family is absolutely phenomenal, there is no other word for it."

Annette won on EuroMillions Mega Friday. She was one of ten winners in August of £1M cash and a trip to a private island. Annette will fly business class with three guests of her choice to Song Saa, a private island off the coast of Cambodia and stay in a Royal Villa on the resort.

Annette said, "Winning a million pounds is totally life-changing but winning this amazing holiday too is just spectacular."

Holiday Shock

Annette was on holiday with her husband, Andrew, when she discovered she had won.

The couple were in Bulgaria when Annette, who always plays online, received an email telling her there was news about her account and to check her National Lottery account. Unable to access her account from abroad, she text her sister back home and asked her to check.

"My sister initially text and said she thought I had won £1,000 and then there was another text saying you have won £1M, call, call me now, you have got to call me immediately. I really thought it was a wind up as my sister is always playing jokes on me. I phoned her straight away and she just burst out crying – so I knew it must really be true."

Annette and Andrew still had more than week of their holiday remaining so decided to go on a spending spree in Bulgaria. "The only thing I could find to buy was a suit for myself which cost £38 – everything is just so cheap there."

The couple are looking forward to paying off their mortgage and treating their two daughters. Annette has already treated herself to an aqua blue Audi TT with a cream leather interior.

"There really are no words which can describe the feelings I am going through right now – knowing I will never ever have to worry about money ever again and never again will I be penny-pinching. I really can now live the dream of winning the lottery – because I have!"

16th September 2015

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