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Maldives beckon for Edinburgh Mega Friday winner

An Edinburgh roofer is toasting his life-changing luck after banking £1M. As a Mega Friday winner he is also looking forward to the “trip of a lifetime” to the Maldives for his young family.

John Edmond won £1,000,000 and a ‘private pool escape’ dream holiday to either Bali, Thailand or the Maldives in the EuroMillions Mega Friday draw.

John, and his wife Amanda and two daughters will be jetting off to an exotic two-week holiday on a date of their choosing.

This is absolutely life changing for us

“This is absolutely life changing for us and neither Amanda nor I slept a wink on Saturday night when we realised we had won the money and the holiday,” said John.

“Going to somewhere like the Maldives could only have been a dream ambition up to now, but this allows us to give ourselves and our two girls the trip of a lifetime and we will try and get it all arranged soon.”

More than a holiday, the Mega Friday win will enable the family to move to a larger home and upgrade their car. “We can move out of our current two-bedroomed house, where the girls share a room, into one where they will each have their own bedroom and that again was only an ambition until now. We will also be looking to upgrade our old 10-plate Nissan Qashqai now we have the means to do so.”

John has worked as a roofer since he was 16 and while Amanda is likely to give up her job as a therapist, he is set to carry on working.

“Working is all I have ever really known and we are really busy just now, so I am hoping to carry on working at least until we get our heads around everything that has happened. The boss has been great to me over the years and I want to pay them back for that by staying on and working – here’s hoping he will let me have time off for the holiday though!”

John plays the National Lottery regularly, but got his days mixed up and was too late for the Wednesday draw – so while he was in the McColl’s store on Thursday, he bought a EuroMillions ticket for Mega Friday instead and the rest is now history!

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