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Mike the secret millionaire

Mike Fiske won £1 million, retired from his job and booked a trip to Peru, all without telling his wife. The Norwich man feared the whole thing was a hoax, so until the money was safely paid, he decided to keep Jane, his wife of 28 years, in the dark.

Mike won in a EuroMillions Mega Friday draw where 10 players won a guaranteed £1M prize and a trip of a life-time to Australia, Peru or Brazil. He said, “Despite wanting to believe it was real, the cautious side of me kept thinking it must be a joke. I didn’t want to let Jane in on the news until I was absolutely sure we really were millionaire retirees and heading off on a luxury holiday to Peru to boot.”

Having played online Mike’s secret millionaire adventure began when he received an email from The National Lottery telling him there was news about his account. He didn’t check immediately and it wasn’t until later that day Mike decided to look at the message.

He said: “I’ve played one EuroMillions Lucky Dip ticket, online, in the Friday draw for many years. I’ve always said, ‘somebody’s got to win it, it might as well be me’ and here I am! Having said that, when I saw the email I thought I had another £6.60 win which I could put back in the pot. Little did I think it would be significantly more.”

“The moment that the Camelot Winner Advisor confirmed the win I knew this must be for real. Even my most dastardly of friends couldn’t come up with anything quite that complicated”, said a relieved Mike. “It was wonderful driving home and finally sharing the news with Jane. She was absolutely bowled over and is still trying to process the information. Mind you, I’ve already had a week more to come to terms with it!” Despite his reservations, Mike wasted no time in telling his manager first thing on Monday morning that he would be retiring at Christmas.

The win and early retirement will allow Mike and Jane to travel and visit the many friends and family they have scattered across the globe. “In my career I have already travelled extensively around the world, working in all sorts of places, from Australia to Brazil and many places in between,” said Mike.

“Jane and I had always planned that on retirement we would revisit some of those haunts and catch up with old friends. Now, we can take our time and enjoy a slightly nicer bottle of wine or softer hotel bed as the mood, not budget, takes us.”

To top it all Mike and Jane also have their trip of a lifetime to look forward to, “Of course, even with a million in the bank our trip will not be on the same scale as the Peru holiday we have also won. Being able to visit Machu Picchu in five star luxury is the absolute icing on the cake of what has turned out to be quite a phenomenal few days.”

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