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Carpet cleaner rolling in cash after win

A Darlington dad of five has the world at his feet after winning £423,989.20 on EuroMillions. The self-employed carpet cleaner of almost 30 years now plans to take it easier and go on a well-earned holiday.

Allan Prettyman, 48, said the win means he can spend more quality time with his family.

“This win couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been wanting to slow down for a few years but never had the means to afford it.

“Being self-employed means you take work where you can get it and I’ve worked many very long days in the past. It’s just such a relief to know I can relax a little and look after myself and my family.

“I have no intentions of giving up work permanently just yet. I love what I do and have plenty of people that rely on me, but this win will help take the financial pressure off and allow me to work the hours that I want to.

“That means I can spend more time with my wife and kids, something I haven’t always been able to do over the last 30 years.”

All a blur

Allan bought his ticket on the Friday of the draw, stuffed it in his bag, and then went back to work. It wasn’t until the following Monday that he checked the ticket.

“I’d just come home from work and was settling down to have my dinner when I suddenly remembered that I’d bought a EuroMillions ticket.

“Not expecting to have won, I went and found the ticket and used the National Lottery App to check it. When that figure popped on my phone screen, I couldn’t understand what I was seeing – was it £4.20, was it £42? It was all just a blur.”

Cups of tea

Allan then asked his wife, Julie, 47, to check what he was seeing was actually true.

“At first I thought it was all an elaborate joke, but when he said that we had matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star, I could tell he was serious,” Julie said.

“I looked online and saw we were the only UK winner with those numbers. We just couldn’t believe it. We must have spent the rest of the evening just talking about it, drinking cup of tea after cup of tea.”

Rolling out the red carpet

Allan also plans to use the winnings for a holiday to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and a new smart phone.

“It’s fantastic that my wife and kids can also benefit from my win. We’ve always wanted to do a holiday to Disney World so now seems like the perfect time to go.

“I’ve had my current phone for a few years now and I think I’m due an upgrade. I might even splash the cash and get the new iPhone.”

2nd May 2018

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