Life changing

Giant Lotto Jackpot lands in Bo’ness

Shift Manager Phillip Thomas Dunning was trying to get to sleep before an early start for work when the phone kept ringing. Little did Phillip and his partner Gina Meikle know it was a call which would change their lives.

The call was from their friend, and the person that introduced the couple, to say they were millionaires.

Sandra Easton, who played matchmaker 11 years ago and who knows the numbers the lucky couple have played since they met, was on the line telling them they had won the jackpot.

Philip said, “Gina and I had decided on an early night because we were both due in at work on the Sunday. So when the phone started ringing at 9.30pm, we got quite annoyed. The next thing I heard was Gina shouting that we’d won the Lottery, because Sandra had checked our numbers for us on the TV."

“Neither of us slept that night. We just sat awake waiting for the numbers to appear online. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. We can’t believe that this has happened to us. It’s life changing and we can’t wait to start enjoying ourselves.”

Both from Bo’ness, the couple are celebrating the massive £7,864,529 Lotto jackpot win and making spending plans. Phillip said, “We’re definitely going to upgrade our old Astra and buy a new house. We don’t exactly know which car we want or which house we’d like to buy, but they’re first on our list.”

Philip who has two grown stepdaughters, Ashley and Kerri has played the same Lotto numbers with Gina every week since they met 11 years ago.

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