£1Million Lotto win is ‘icing’ on Christine and Nick’s wedding cake

A couple from Cornwall have started their married life in fine style by winning a £1Million National Lottery jackpot just days before tying the knot.

Christine and Nick, from Launceston in Cornwall, had been together for 2 years when they decided to get married. The couple were looking forward to their big day when a lucky Lotto ticket turned the week before their wedding into one they will never forget.

Christine, 50, said, “We hadn’t played The National Lottery in a fair few months before our win but, for some reason one of Nick’s work colleagues told him that we should buy a Lotto ticket that weekend. We got ourselves a Lucky Dip and here we are with a £1Million win – a very generous wedding gift of sorts!”

Christine, who has 4 grown children, was so stunned when she realised she and 55-year-old Nick were millionaires she literally fell off the bed!

She said, “It was the Sunday morning – the day after the Lotto draw – that I checked the winning numbers on my phone. I knew we had won something but didn’t register what so I woke my stepson up to check.”

Christine’s stepson told her she had won a prize, but she decided to get the ticket checked at her local shop. When it was run through the National Lottery terminal, the man at the counter said, ‘Oh my God, you’ve won the lottery!’

Still in a daze, Christine went home and phoned the National Lottery line. It was then she heard the words she will never forget: ‘Congratulations, you’ve won £1Million’.

News of the amazing win quickly spread through Christine’s family who gathered at her home. The only person missing was Nick, who was still at work.

Christine said, “We were all waiting for Nick to get home to tell him, rather than phoning him with this kind of news whilst he was driving! When he came in the door one of our daughters said, ‘Dad, what would you do with £1Million?’

“Nick obviously didn’t register the excitement and giggling because, rather than asking why, he just said, ‘I don’t know?’. His face was a picture of confusion, shock and happiness as he was told, ‘well, you’ve just won £1Million’.”

Knowing they were National Lottery millionaires was the icing on the (wedding) cake at the couple’s wedding. Christine said, “It was a magical day, even more so knowing we were millionaires. I was so close to telling everyone at the wedding, and I don't know how I kept it quiet, but for both of us it was the most incredibly happy day with all our family around.”

Christine has treated Nick to a new van – an early Christmas present – and she is hoping to fulfil a dream: swimming with dolphins.

She said, “I had promised myself that I would swim with dolphins before I was 40, but that never quite happened. I now have the chance to make my dream come true and I’ll be looking at maybe renting a boat in St Ives to see the dolphins. I can’t guarantee that I will get in the water but just to see them up close in the sea will be a dream come true.”

7th December 2022

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 7,000 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise over £4 million for Good Causes every dayΔ.

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