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Meet the Lotto Raffle winners

Every Lotto draw is a guaranteed millionaire maker. One of you lucky players walks away with the life changing sum thanks to the Lotto Raffle. That’s 2 millionaires every week, 4 a fortnight, 104 a year-you get the picture. Not only is it making millionaires, but in every draw 20 players win £20k.

Meet some of the lucky Lotto Raffle winners who have shared the news of their win and celebrated with a giant cheque and spray of champagne.

A grandma of five from Hull is now able to buy her own home for the first time after winning £1M. Jill Walsh will also be putting her feet up and retiring after 42 years service, now she has banked £1M. “I just cannot believe that this is happening to me. When I look at my bank balance and see all of those zeros. This is just amazing and the best thing ever to happen to Stephen and I.” Read more

A syndicate of 13 who all work together at a distribution centre in Maidstone each banked £76,923.07 after winning £1M in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. Syndicate leader, Mandy Richards, said, “It’s just amazing to think that little slip of paper, worth one million, was just sitting in my tin at home!” Read more

Jane Wyatt, a mum of three from Salford, always dreamt of becoming a millionaire. Jane, a part-time civil servant, only bought a Lucky Dip Lotto ticket online because she felt lucky – and with just minutes to go before the deadline to enter. She said, “I certainly felt lucky when I bought my ticket. I saw it was a special draw with more millionaires being created and just fancied my chances.” Read more

A family from Eastwood, Nottingham scooped £1M in August 2016. The win is being shared equally between David and Yvonne Brown and their daughters Becky and Julie. A delighted Yvonne said, “I’m still speechless. This doesn’t happen to people like us; we are just a normal family.” Read more

A syndicate of six Hibs supporters from Edinburgh scooped £1M in the Lotto Raffle. Syndicate leader, Douglas Gibson, said, “I can’t believe it – I’m totally shell-shocked! We’ve been playing two lines a week, every week, for so long that it almost became a part of our ritual – I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d win, let alone a life changing £1M!” Read more

Over the last 22 years we’ve created over 4,400 millionaires and funded more than 500,000 National Lottery projects - discover more life-changing stories.

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