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Swansea couple scoop £1Million with a side of mushy peas

A couple from Swansea only popped out for a box of peas and ended up winning £1Million. The newly-minted millionaires picked up a ticket while out shopping and were hap-pea when they won the Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

Hap-pea purchase

William Richards, 32, was on his way home when his wife Sophie, 25, asked him to pick up some mushy peas. While on the impromptu shopping trip, he thought he’d treat himself to a couple of tickets for the Lotto draw that night.

“I bought my lottery tickets because I found myself somewhere I wouldn’t normally have been and took that as a sign.

“I scanned the results on my app and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I’d matched the Lotto Millionaire Raffle code and won £1 million.”

Breaking the news

Will phoned Camelot straight away who confirmed that he’d won, but rather than phone his wife immediately, he waited until he got home to break the news face-to-face.

Sophie had spent the day at home looking after their three children and she was stunned when Will returned home and told her, “We’re millionaires”.

Business boost

The couple, who met while they were both working in Asda in 2011, now run their own business – Toys and Masks – and, while the business has been going for five years, the couple are overjoyed with the financial security that their win will provide.

“The business has been growing steadily but this win really takes all the stress out of it. Not having to worry about our mortgage is such a weight off our mind and now we can relax a bit and enjoy running the business and spending time with our kids.

“We aren’t in any rush to spend the money, we want to cherish it and take our time to build a future for our family.”

Dream come true

However, there is one thing that Will has always wanted to do but has never been able to afford in the past, which ties in with his business and his love of wrestling.

“I would really like to go and watch Wrestlemania. I’ve been a fan of wrestling since I was little and have always wanted to see Wrestlemania live. It’s in New York next year so this might be my chance.”

22nd May 2018

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