Lucky Lines

Win up to £50,000

£2.00 per play | Odds: 1 in 3.46

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Your luck could be in – to the tune of £50,000 if you bag the top prize! Just choose 6 tiles to reveal lucky symbols. Match a line of symbols on the grid to win the prize for that line, or reveal all four corners to win a £20 bonus prize.

Give it a go and line up some luck.

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Game Procedures including how to play

Game Name: Lucky Lines


These are the Game Procedures (the “Procedures”) for Lucky Lines (the “Game”). When You play the Game, these Procedures, and the Rules for Interactive Instant Win Games ("the Rules") apply. All of these documents can be found on the National Lottery website.

If You buy a Play through Your Account, the Account Terms apply in addition to the documents mentioned above, and if You buy a Play with Your Pingit Account, the Pingit User Account Terms apply in addition to those documents.

Any word or term in these Procedures that has specific meaning will have the meaning given to it in these Procedures or the Rules (unless the context clearly indicates otherwise).

Game details

Game Name: Lucky Lines

Game Price: £2.00

There is a 1 in 3.46 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Play of the Game. The expected prize payout percentage for this game is 69.00%.

This Game is a game of chance. The outcome of a Play in the Game is pre-determined by Camelot's Computer System at the point of purchase. You are not required to exercise any skill or judgement to win a Prize.

How to play and win

Each Play has its own Play Number - this can be found on the Game outcome screen once the Game has been finished, in the “My Games” section of Your Account if You bought the Play via Your Account, and in the confirmation email sent to You if You bought the Play via Pingit.

At the start of a Play, You're presented with a Game Play Window displaying a 6x6 grid of 36 silver tiles (the 'Grid'), each containing one of the following symbols: a crown, a four leaf clover, a number 7, a rainbow, a hat, a pot of gold, a die, a money bag or a horseshoe (the 'Symbols'). To the right of each horizontal line and above each vertical line of the Grid, a cash amount is displayed (the 'Prize'). Below the Grid is a box displaying the instruction: '4 CORNER BONUS', four boxes labelled 1 to 4 and a £20 prize amount (the 'Bonus Table'). To the right of the Grid is a 3x3 grid of nine silver tiles, each containing a question mark motif (the 'Tiles'). After a period of time, these Tiles will animate to indicate that You must click on one of these to start the Game.

Above the Tiles is the instruction: 'Choose 6 tiles. Match a LINE of lucky symbols to win the PRIZE for that LINE. Reveal all 4 CORNERS to win a BONUS PRIZE.'

To start a Play, You must click on any of the Tiles. On clicking, the Tile will turn over revealing one of the Symbols on a purple background. All of the corresponding Symbols in the Grid will also turn over, each revealing that Symbol on a purple background to indicate that this Symbol has been matched. If You match all the Symbols in a horizontal or vertical line in the Grid, then the Symbols in that line will be outlined in silver and the Symbols will animate. The Prize directly above or to the right of that line will be outlined in purple and the Prize background will turn grey to indicate that You have won that amount.

If You match a Symbol in one of the four corners, that Symbol will populate the Bonus Table. If the Symbols in all four corners of the Grid are matched, the Tiles in the corners of the Grid will be outlined in silver. The Symbols in the Bonus Table will animate and be outlined in silver and the £20 will be outlined in purple, to indicate that You have won the Bonus Prize of £20.

The Game ends when all six Tiles have been chosen and the corresponding Symbols in the Grid have revealed a purple background to show that they have been matched. A message will appear to the top right of the Game Play Window indicating the amount You have won, if any. The word 'FINISH' will appear underneath the message. You must click FINISH to complete the Game.

If You have bought a Play of this Game and have matched a horizontal or vertical line in the Grid or matched the 4 Corner Bonus, You will, providing the requirements of these Procedures and the Rules are met, be entitled to a Prize as detailed in the table below:


The Prize amounts and odds of winning are set out in the table below:
Prize Amounts and Odds
Prize Amount Approx. odds (1 in x)
£2 7
£4 16
£5 31
£10 64
£20 361
£20 (4 Corner Bonus) 361
£40 701
£40 (£20 + £20 (4 Corner Bonus)) 701
£60 923
£60 (£40 + £20 (4 Corner Bonus)) 923
£100 2,000
£200 15,038
£400 40,000
£5,000 153,847
£50,000 4,000,000

You can only win one Prize Amount per Play, as detailed in the Prize Amounts and Odds table above.


If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Procedures - Lucky Lines and any other information issued by Camelot in respect of this Game, these Procedures will take priority (unless Camelot states otherwise).

These are games of chance. Whether you win or lose is set the moment you buy – although you can still cross your fingers.

Remember, you must be a UK or Isle of Man resident to play online, and must only access your Account when physically located in the UK or Isle of Man.

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