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Meet the Mega Friday winners and see the amazing prizes they’ve won

On the last Friday of every month multiple players have celebrated winning not only a life changing £1Million but also a dream trip, prize or opportunity of a lifetime.

Since its launch in October 2014 these players have celebrated their fortune with instant access to the lifestyle that befits a EuroMillions millionaire. Meet some of the lucky winners who have chosen to share their story. Meet some of the lucky winners who have chosen to share their story.

Basingstoke couple, David and Sam Mackie, were one of the first Mega Friday winners when they won in the first ever draw. The couple couldn’t believe their luck in the draw where 25 players won £1M and a private island getaway in Australia.

You can get a little peek into life on a private island with the holiday video the couple sent us.

Not to be outdone, pizza restaurant manager Michael Marshall won in November 2014 and took a trip of a lifetime Down Under. Watch the video he sent us of his amazing holiday.

Mike Fiske from Norwich won the £1M, booked his trip to Peru and retired from his job, all before he told his wife they were winners. He kept her in the dark because he feared it may all be a hoax.

The Chick's won in January 2015 and started the New Year by booking a first class trip around the world. Join them on their journey and see where their new millionaire lifestyle took them.

Edinburgh roofer, John Edmond booked the perfect summer holiday for his wife and two daughters in June 2015. He took away a trip of a lifetime to the Maldives after winning £1M and a private pool escape.

Imagine winning £1M once. Now imagine winning it twice and also getting a dream car thrown into the bargain. David Long from Scunthorpe won his first million in July 2013, and then banked his second, as well as a dream motor on the EuroMillions Mega Friday in March 2015. His wife Kathleen said, “You said you’d do it again and you have!”

Bolton mum Annette Dawson cried as she talked about the life changing impact that £1M would have on her family's life. She celebrated with a helicopter ride in preparation for a dream holiday on a private island in Cambodia.

In the same month, August 2015, Rachel and Rod Bingham from Lincolnshire were also celebrating a private island trip to Song Saa in South East Asia, as well as their £1M. They planned to spend the luxury break relaxing and working out plans for their new found wealth.

And what a thing to find under your Christmas tree. John Gill from Warrington won in the Christmas Day draw in 2015. He banked a cool million and also found a luxury chalet experience waiting for him. Surely the best snow filled Christmas present ever.

East Kilbride grandad Arthur Howard toasted his £1Million win, with his wife Emma, as the pair looked forward to seven nights of luxury in Dubai. The taxi driver who, because of the win can finally retire, said, "Winning a million as well as a dream-holiday to Dubai is quite unbelievable but it might start to feel real on Friday when I pick up my brand new Audi!”

Globe-trotting great grandmother Diana De Gilio won £1Million and a holiday to Bali and Lombok. She celebrated saying, “I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie – I base jumped 192 metres off Auckland’s Sky Tower for my 69th – and thought the wing walk was the perfect way to charge into my 70s, I didn’t think anything could beat it but let me tell you, winning a million pounds is certainly up there for getting the heart pumping.”

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