Single dad from Preston wins top prize

A single dad and chef from Preston has scooped the £1,000,000 top prize on a National Lottery Instant Win Game.

The lucky dad, Didzis Pirags, 36, was on his lunch break when he said he felt lucky and logged on to his National Lottery account to discover he had a balance of £6.50.

Didzis, who has a five year old son, said, “I just felt the Instant Win Game Merry Millions was 'my lucky thing'. It really catches my eye. I have played previously and won £5 and £10 and decided with the money I had in my account I would spend £5 on this game.

“I just could not believe it when it came up that I had won £1Million! I was thinking this cannot be for real! I ran downstairs to my boss and just said 'oh my goodness I cannot believe what has just happened to me! Surely this cannot be for real? Is this really true what I am seeing in front of me?'

“I immediately dialled the phone number which was showing on my mobile phone screen to confirm my win and my emotions were all over the place – I think they still are.”

Didzis, who has already put a deposit down on the first home of his own, added that the news is totally life-changing: “I will be able to give my son the best ever life now which is all I have ever wished for.

“I am currently living above my place of work and now I can look forward to owning a home of my own and a very special place to bring my son up.

“I have put a deposit down on a four bedroom house with a garden which I know my son will love!”

Didzis, who currently works 60 hour weeks as a chef and kitchen manager, has been unable to spend a weekend off with his son for several months. He says he will now be handing in his notice at work and looking for a job to get a better work/life balance for his son.

“All I want is to be able to provide the best possible life for my son and this win will enable me to do exactly this,” Didzis said.

30th December 2019

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 6,300 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise over £30 million for good causes every week.

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