£300Thousand winners Linda and Stewart plan trip to Northern Lights

A couple from Sittingbourne in Kent are looking forward to celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in fine style after winning a £300,000 top prize on an Instant Win Game from The National Lottery.

Linda and Stewart Priston are both key workers and have been busier than ever during the pandemic. But the 56-year-old NHS worker and the 57-year-old HGV driver are planning on taking some time off in 2022 to celebrate their anniversary with a dream holiday to see the Northern Lights.

Linda and Stewart’s winning adventure began when Linda sat down after a day of household admin and chores, and logged on to her online National Lottery account. Treating herself to a Luxury Lines Instant Win Game, her day suddenly became anything but average when she revealed the £300,000 prize.

Linda, who has worked for the NHS for more than 17 years, said, “Stewart was on a night shift so home alone for another evening I decided to entertain myself with a little play on an online Instant Win Game. When the £300Thousand prize appeared on my screen, quickly followed by the claim telephone number I was sure there must be a mistake so I put my iPad down, walked away and made myself a cup of tea instead!”

With cuppa in hand and her nerves calmed, Linda logged back into her account. Still convinced it was a mistake, she decided to call the claim line, ‘just in case’.

Linda said, “It turns out it was right, they confirmed I had just won £300Thousand. At that point I took a photo of the screen with the win amount and sent this to Stewart, and then I poured myself a glass of wine! I rang Stewart as well but I don’t think he really believed me until he came home at 1am and could see it on the screen for himself.

“We kept it our secret for 3 days and didn’t tell another soul – except our 2 sons! – until we went to our local, The Three Hats, on Saturday for a drink and shared the news with the landlady and a few of our closest friends. It was a lovely moment, everyone was over the moon and said how delighted they were to see a local couple win, especially a couple that work as hard as we do!”

9th August 2021

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 7,200 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise over £4 million for Good Causes every dayΔ.

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