Lucky bricklayer wins twice in one month on scratchcards

Paul Harrington, a bricklayer from Wolverhampton, bought his first winning Cashword VIP Black Scratchcard on his way to a doctor’s appointment. Sitting in the waiting room he revealed his first win – £1,000. Unsurprisingly, Paul says he “suddenly felt a lot better”.

Later the same month Paul was picking up his morning paper on the way to work when he decided to buy another scratchcard – the same one that had proved so lucky earlier in the month. While driving to a site in Coventry, he pulled over to get some fuel and scratch his card, only to find he’d won yet again.

At first he thought he’d won another £1,000, but checking the card later he realised the scratchcard was actually worth £300,000. He told his boss the amazing news, then hastily called The National Lottery hotline to claim his prize.

Paul said, “After the call to The National Lottery, I went home early. With the scratchcard in the safe, my girlfriend Julie and I decided to take a trip to our caravan in Abergele, North Wales. It was a bit strange driving up and staying there, like we had done so many times before, but this time knowing you’ve just won £300,000, but I can definitely recommend it.”

With Christmas fast-approaching, Paul and his girlfriend Julie are now planning a shopping trip to New York and there are some property investment plans afoot.

7th October 2019

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 6,300 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise over £30 million for good causes every week.

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